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Every once in a while (usualy every year) our lab and the people from the lab in Italy spend a couple of days away from the college and the daily routine of lab duties. We embark on a trip where both social interactions between members and our ideas can be further developed and explored.
The first few days are spent in sessions of scientific presentations when every lab member gets the chance to present the progress of his project and his future plans. Once everyone has presented the projects, its time to relax and really get to know the person you are working next to.
We usually stay in a big house where all of can spend time together, we cook together, eat together, drink and go out.
This year we went to a little village in southern France called Mas Fanny, on the coast of the Golf of Lion in the Mediterranean
check out the place we stayed in


More pictures and movies can be found here!

Italy won the WORLD CUP!!
Forza Azzurri (We were the best team)