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Jason Benton


Ph.D Research Student
Division of Cell and Molecular Biology
Sir Alexander Flemming Building

Research Interests

  • Mosquito Trangenic Technology
  • Sterile Insect Technique in Mosquitoes
  • Mosquito Rearing and Maintenance
  • Genetic Transactivation Systems
  • Insect Spermatogenesis Pathway
  • Insect Sex Determination Pathway


2003-2007 Ph.D @ Imperial College London - submitted "Transgenic Sterile Insect Technique in Anopheles Mosquitoes" .
1999-2003 B.Sc (Hons) Biology with a Year in Industry (Eli Lilly and Company Ltd.) @ Imperial College London.


Catteruccia, F., Benton, J. P. and Crisanti, A. (2005) An Anopheles transgenic sexing strain for vector control. Nature Biotechnology 23, 1414-1417.

Evans, N. M., Bose, S., Benedetti, G., Zwart, R., Pearson, K. H., McPhie, G. I., Craig, P. J., Benton, J. P., Volsen, S. G., Sher, E. and Broad, L. M. (2003). Expression and functional characterisation of a human chimeric nicotinic receptor with alpha6beta4 properties. European Journal of Pharmacology 466, 31-39.